Ivana Crnčić

Ivana met yoga growing up with parents who were open to new and already practicing yoga in early 70s. After a few years of practicing by herself, she discovered dynamic yoga styles and started attending various teacher trainings. Her first yoga diploma was Gaia yoga multi-style 200 hrs, after which she continued her education through Rainbow Kids yoga teacher training, Prenatal/postnatal teacher training, Yin yoga teacher training with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier and finally, Facial yoga teacher training with Danielle Collins. Simultaneously, she found her interest in Systemic constellations and became a constellation host in a school named Scola, where she discovered a new world of possibilities and an approach for self realization. She also became a Reiki master teacher, following her constant need for life’s improvement. Her passion is attending workshops, holding classes for prenatals, yin-yang classes, organizing retreats and spending time with her family, possibly in the nature. Having a academic master degree both in agricultural engineering and marketing, she enjoys combining these 2 into her working life.

Andrija Bosanac-Schroetter

By profession, Andrija is a trombonist in Zagreb’s famous theatre Komedija and certified Yoga teacher (Sandra D. Bianco, Sebastian Pucelle, Murielle Burellier, Jo Phee, Joe Barnet, Paul and Suzee Grilley). Andrija first encountered Eastern traditions and teachings in 2003 as he embarked on his first trip to India, where, with a devoted study of Vedic texts and various philosophical schools, he reaches his first yoga class in the tradition of classical Hatha yoga. His yoga journey continues through the dynamic (yang) styles of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power yoga, as well as learning about the gentler and subtle style of yin yoga that he has been practicing since 2011. As one of Andrija’s main principles in life is balancing energies (male-female, shiva-shakti, yin-yang), so is his approach to yoga. Regardless of style (yin or yang), he gives special importance to conscious and relaxing exercise.

Katarina Crnčić

Katarina meets yoga thanks to her sister Ivana, who motivates her to start yoga classes for beginners. Soon, her interest in yoga deepened and developed, and after 3 years of intense training, she enrolled in her first TT at the Gaia Yoga School with Sandra D. Bianco and Tom Richter. Shortly thereafter, she continued her education withYin Yoga Teacher Training with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burielle. She believes that yoga is an excellent and comprehensive physical activity that can bring happiness and satisfaction in all fields of life because it helps the individual to get to know himself and his body on a deeper level. She works as a coordinator of film programs for children and youth at Zagreb Film Festival.